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Disc chipper

Product introduction

product description
Disc crusher can cut logs, small diameter wood and other into uniform length, uniform incision, the thickness of uniform high-quality industrial wood chips, but also cutting materials, plates, etc., suitable for paper mills, particleboard, fiberboard and wood production base.
The chipper can be divided into two categories according to the mechanical structure: a disc cutter mounted on a disc and a drum chipper mounted on a cylindrical drum.
Disc-type chippers are mainly used for cutting logs, cutting wood chips of good quality, and used more in the pulp and paper mills;
The drum chipper can used for variety of wood, it can be used for slab and other wood.
Disc chipper blade: ordinary chipper (4-6 knife) and multi-knife chipper (8-6 knife) two. The two chipper feed methods are both oblique feed and flat feed (or horizontal feed). Long logs of the chippings, the general use of flat feed, short logs and plate of the chippings can be used oblique feeding, can also be used flat mouth feeding.
Technical Parameters
Technical information of disc chipper
Model PJ-800 PJ-1000 PJ-1200 PJ-1400
Cutter Diameter(mm) 800 1000 1200 1400
Rotating Speed of Cutter(r/min) 610 610 490 490
Length of Wood Chip(mm) 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50
2-15 2-15 2-15 2-15
Feeding Way Oblique Under Oblique Under Oblique Under Oblique Under
Feeding Port Size(mm) 200*200 300*320 330*350 360*370
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 4-6 6-8 8-10
Motor Power(Kw) 30 37 45 55-75
Maximum diameter of cutting timber(mm) Φ190 Φ290 Φ330 Φ350
Discharge Way Oblique Upper Oblique Upper Oblique Upper Oblique Upper
Weight(kg) 1680 2720 3560 4120
Dimension(mm) 1800*700*1200 2100*1000*1300 2200*1200*1300 2600*1300*1900
working principle
Chipper by the rack, cutter, feed, shell, electronic systems and other components.
Disc-type wood chippers using low-pressure or high-voltage motors, large disc-type wood chipper with pulley drive and direct drive; feed in level and tilt, the material discharging is also two ways, upper discharging and lower discharging. Disc wood chippers can produce powder 2-160 cubic meters per hour.
Performance characteristics
1, This series of disc chipper with low or high voltage motor, large wood chipper with pulley drive and direct drive; feed in two ways:level and tilt, the material discharging is also in two ways: upper discharging and lower discharging.
2,This series of disc chipper with compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation, easy operation and maintenance, high production capacity; It cutting logs with high quality, and the length of the chip can be freely adjusted within the specified range, it is domestic advanced disc chipper.
3, The user can choose their own models based on their capacity.
4, This series disc wood chipper consists of base seat, blade, feed, shell, electronic control system and other components.
5, Our company improve our products’quality of disc-type wood chipper year after year continuously in order to meet the market’s high-quality, high efficiency, and high-grade requirements. At present, this series disc wood chipper make cutter with wear-resistant sheet and make flying knife with special steel.
Description: In order to meet the needs of chemical wood pulp and a variety of high yield chemical wood pulp cooking, as well as to meet the wood pulp grinding pulp production needs. Logs, branches or plate skin must be chipped, and asked to cut out the length of wood consistent, neat. The specifications of the wood chips are generally with length 15 ~ 20mm, thickness 3 ~ 5mm, width is not limited, but no more than 20mm. Wood chip qualified rate is more than 85%, plate skin pass rate requirements of more than 75%. The length of the chip can be adjusted to the size the user needs.