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New drum chipper

Product introduction

Drum chipper are mainly cutting raw material of small diameter wood, timber harvesting, processing residues (such as branches, slab, round wood core, waste veneer, waste wood, etc.) It can also be used to cut non-wood Raw materials (such as sugar cane, reed, bamboo, etc.). After the cutting of raw materials, become a certain size of the small pieces of wood, as a particleboard, MDF, fiberboard and other paper production of raw materials, or become the fuel. Wide range of applications, diversification of raw materials, cutting wood chip of good quality, safe and reliable, and easy to operate, high production efficiency.
Drum chipper is my company's latest domestic chipper, used for particleboard, MDF, wood fiberboard, paper, power plants, boilers and other industries. The product structure is advanced, cutting sheet material of high quality, wide adaptability of raw materials, easy operation and maintenance.
Technical Parameters
Model Feed Size(mm) Motor Power(Kw) Feed power(Kw) Discharge Power
Rotating Speed
PJ-1000 1000*400 110 5.5*2 1.5 510 15-20 6000*2150*1750
PJ-1200 1200*400 132 7.5*2 2.2 510 20-25 6000*2350*1750
PJ-1400 1400*400 160 11*2 3 365 25-35 6000*2950*1950
PJ-1600 1600*400 200 15*2 4 365 35-45 6000*2950*1950
working principle
The drum chipper is provided with a body of a traveling device, a rotary crusher provided on one end side of the vehicle body for pulverizing the wood to form wood, and a flap type feeding device provided at an upper portion of the rotary crusher And a take-out device that is moved out from the lower portion of the rotary-type crushing device to the other end side of the vehicle body and is discharged to the outside by the wood which is broken by the rotary-type crushing device, and is disposed in the rotary-type crushing device and the carrying-out device And a driving device for driving the driving device, the rotary-type crushing device, the wing-type feeding device, and the moving-out device.
Performance characteristics
Drum chipper work, the motor drive the rotor for high-speed rotation, the wood evenly into the integrated crusher cavity, high-speed rotation of the hammer impact, tear wood into broken, while the wood's own gravity from the high-speed rotation of the hammer to the frame body baffle, screen bar, in the lower part of the rotor, with sieve plate, crushed wood smaller than the size of the sieve through the sieve plate, The board continues to be hammered and ground larger than the sieve size of the wood.
Chipper dust collector main body is a box, the lower part of the box with a gray door, the box should be installed in a vertical frame. The vertical frame is covered with a filter bag, and the dust collector receives the dust from the centrifugal separator. From the box into the box, through the filter bag into the machine outside the space. As the filter bag dust collector dust removal efficiency of up to 97% or more. So the working environment is without pollution. When the filter resistance will rise, then you can choose to stop, rest time for manual cleaning. Clean the filter bag dust, the camera can shake the bag for dozens of seconds, so that the dust in the bag on the surface be shaken down, it can directly shake off the dust through the box ash into the dust bag, and then Cleared. Green, no pollution.