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Corn Stalk Crusher

Product introduction

PJ new corn stalk grinder Uses:
1, can be crushed herbs, some chemical materials, branches, bark and a variety of dry and wet straw. Adjustable thickness, is a professional processing units and breeding plants (specialized households) the ideal equipment.
2, straw mill is mainly used for crop stalks, branches 5 cm below the diameter of plant straw shredding, can also be used for a variety of crop straw and forage chopping processing. The machine is mainly used for the processing of cotton stalk, bark, branches, corn stalks, straw, straw and other biomass chopping processing, processing of finished products can be used for power generation, paper, wood-based panels, refined alcohol and so on.
3, straw mill is mainly applied to crushing the growth period of a variety of plants within a year: such as can be crushed cotton, corn stalks, eggplant, pepper seedlings, crushing length can be manufactured according to customer requirements. Crushed agricultural plant debris can be used to produce raw materials such as organic fertilizer, fuel, particleboard, paper and other production industries.
The equipment will be difficult to sell a large number of green garbage waste into treasure, play a new economic value, but also to protect the environment, improve the soil, to create a good social benefits.
Technical Parameters
Parameter of New Corn Stalk Crusher
Model Power Speed(r/min) Main shaft rotary speed(r/min) Weight Triangle belt Yield
PJ-800 4-30kw 1400r/min 1400r/min 1150/kg B#2600*4 1000-1500kg
PJ-1000 4-45kw 1000r/min 1000r/min 1950/kg B#3300*4 2000-3000kg
working principle
Straw crusher can be equipped with motor, diesel engine or 30-50 horsepower tractor, the host by the feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, throwing institutions, transmission, travel agencies, protective devices and racks and other components. With reasonable structure, easy to move, automatic feeding, safe and reliable and so on.
product structure
1, feeding institutions: mainly by the feeding station, up and down Cao Kun, set the blade, set the knife bearing seat composition.
2, cut off the throwing institutions: mainly by the knife, cutter, locking screws and other components.
3, transmission: mainly by the V-belt, drive shaft, gear, universal joints and other components.
4, walking institutions: mainly composed of caster.
Performance characteristics
Features of the machine
①. The machine is from the upper and lower case, there are cutter, crushing hammer. Under the machine seat and the motor frame as a whole, all the steel structure, thereby enhancing the stability of the work.
②. The feed port is designed with two sets of flat knives and a set of knives. Work in the long cut after the cut again, reducing the resistance when the crushing, increased the crushing efforts to improve the production.
The processed raw material enters the feed port and rotates through the fan blades to form a self - priming feed, which improves the agreed safety factor.
④. The fineness of the machine is adjusted according to the size of the sieve base. The output is to follow the size of the finished product you need to determine the greater the greater the yield of finished particles.
Installation and commissioning of equipment
①. Before using the new machine, first open the cover to check the movement, set the distance between the knife and knife, knife and knife clearance is 0.2mm-0.3mm best. (There is a regulator at the knife)
②. Check the pressure screen bottom bolts are loose, and then put down the cover, compression bolts.
③ the main wheel and power wheel cross section and must be in a plane, the belt is good, the elastic adjustment to moderate, not too loose or too tight.
④. Before starting the hand can be rotated by the pulley, the rotation shall not appear friction and collision phenomenon, the last boot, check the direction of operation, before the normal production.
Operating procedures
1. Each of the two classes is required to inject a butter into the oil line of the bearing cap.
2. Operators to sideways station for the best, the hand may not enter the feed mouth of the half, to prevent weeds wrapped around.
3. Do not have iron into the inside.
4. Regardless of any failure, the machine is not very stable before the hand absolutely can not enter, or all the consequences at your own risk.
5. Do not carry long hair without hat, scaffold is not flexible, the brain is disabled, minors and drunk people to operate the machine.
6. Forbidden to feed by hand.