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Cutting-Phases Pulverizer

Product introduction

product description
The cutting machine (cut off the crusher) is our company's technical staff for the wood crushing equipment in the integrated drum chipper, disc chipper and wood chips can not be shattered shrubs, orchards, cut branches, flowers, nursery (Branches of Φ5 cm below and strawwood is appropriate), and the crushing of bark and sheet edge panels also has an excellent effect.
Technical Parameters
Model Power(kw) Motor Speed(r/min) Spindle Speed(r/min) Host Weight(kg) V-belt(pcs) Output/h(kg)
PJ800 4-30 1400 1400 1150 B#2600*4 1000-1500
PJ1000 4-45 1000 1000 1950 B#3300*4 2000-3000
Working Principle
Drying machine (cutting machine) works: the material through the automatic feeding machine or manual feeding way, into the grinder (no screen), through the rotor with a hob, the incoming material once Cut into 1-5 cm long pieces (pieces), and then into the crushing chamber with a number of different crushing knife, after a continuous high-speed operation, can be crushed into 10-8mm below the fine material, through the tail Of the leaves will be broken in turn by the outlet (2-3 meters away).
The machine can also be installed according to the user's request to make the finished product fineness more uniform standards.