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Feed mill

Product introduction

Feed mill range of applications:
Berry, Nuts, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Bark, Leaf, Wheat Bran, Broccoli, Xuan Ma, Corn Husk, Corncob, Orange, Starch, Grain, Shrimp, Fish Meal, Seaweed, Dehydrated Vegetables, Hawthorn, Dried Ginger Raw materials, marine products, mica, graphite, bentonite, perlite, lees, furfural, cakes, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose, potatoes, potatoes, seasonings, jujube, paper, circuit boards, plastic Slime, tea, hair, soybean meal, cotton, leather, sheepskin, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, all kinds of edible fungi and other hundreds of difficult materials processing, chemical, building materials, medicine, health care, , Mosquito coils and other industries ideal crusher.
model Number of blades (blocks) Feeder diameter (mm) speed (r / min) power(kw) Weight (kg)
500 32 300×180 1400 18.5-22 800
600 36 320×180 1200 22-30 1400
800 44 350×200 1000 30-37 2200
Technical parameters of feed mill
working principle
product structure
Pieji feed crusher chassis made of high quality materials welded, the feed port at the top of the grinder, with various forms of feeding structure match, hammer for the symmetrical arrangement. Crusher work, the material into the crushing chamber, in the high-speed rotation of the hammer blow and sieve plate friction, the material gradually crushed, and under the action of centrifugal force and air. Through the bottom of the discharge port.
Fineness adjustment method
1 fineness: 1 - 50 mesh any adjustment, production and fineness according to the different proportion of the material. Equipped with the host motor can be small or small, depending on the fineness of the material production.
2 The machine is equipped with air flow regulator, adjustable air volume, air volume, low fineness, low volume of air volume, transferred to the ideal fineness can be continuous production.
3 body fineness analyzer, the analyzer on the bolt release, the upward movement fineness increases, down to reduce the fineness, transferred to the fineness you need, fixed bolts can be produced.
Performance characteristics
1. The machine for fine, high processing technology, the use of double body:
(1) can be injected into the water to play a role in water.
(2) can be loaded into a new material, play a sound insulation, cooling function.
(3) the machine in the use of small noise, no vibration, durable and high yield, than the traditional efficiency of wood flour machine increased by 50% or more.
2. The machine consists of three kinds of crushing tools, 7 knife, a knife, centrifugal to re-knife. (To overcome the traditional crusher a number of shortcomings of the principle of crushing)
3. The machine with a fineness analyzer, can control the fineness of the material. (To overcome the traditional crusher sieve rate is not high many shortcomings).
4. can be crushed into the same fineness of finished products.