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Garden tree shredder

Product introduction

Product description
Garden tree shredders:
At present, most of the branches and shredders used in our garden department are imported from abroad and are expensive. Now, the company has introduced the special tree branch crusher for the garden to fill the gaps in the garden machinery of our country. , High efficiency, easy to use, safe and reliable. This product is similar to the level of similar foreign products, to the domestic advanced level.
Garden tree shredder Scope:
Our company has introduced the latest tree branches for the garden, forestry, road trees conservation, parks, golf courses and other departments, mainly used for crushing pruning trees cut all kinds of branches, crushed after the cover can be used as a garden bed , Organic fertilizer, edible fungi, biomass power generation, can also be used to produce high-density board, particleboard, paper industry. After crushing can be directly injected into the transport vehicle, the volume of the original tree transport volume of 1/10, this section dedicated tree branches shredders can be anytime, anywhere crushed branches, easy to move.
technical parameter
 Model  Power  Diesal model  Diesal start mode Oil consumption /hour Max diameter Capacity Rotary speed Movement mode
PJ-570 22kw PJ 4100(Pressurized) Electric start 6L ≤150mm 1500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -670 30kw 4105 Electric start 8L ≤200mm 2500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -770 45kw PJ 4105(Pressurized) Electric start 10L ≤230mm 3500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -870 55kw 6105 Electric start 15L ≤250mm 4500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
PJ -970 75kw PJ 6105(Pressurized) Electric start 18L ≤300mm 5500kg/h 1500r/mim Trailor move
working principle
The machine is mainly composed of power parts, body, feeding mechanism and hydraulic system.
Power part; the local power part of the diesel engine to provide power, the combination of V-belt, V-belt and V-belt tension clutch composition.
When the diesel engine starts, it is necessary to hit the clutch to the no-load condition, with the diesel engine running well and then load the load.
Body; body mainly chassis, crushing room, bearing room, traction part of a series of components.
Rack with thick profile welding, the aging treatment, the final boring and milling. Not only increased the seat strength but also to ensure the accuracy of the bearing assembly.
Rotor; rotor shaft and flying knife are made of 45 steel after processing. Processing to complete the assembly after the dynamic balance test to ensure that the whole system when the overall stability of the machine.
Feeding mechanism; feeding mechanism by the lift-type tooth feed roller and hydraulic motor components.
Feeding roller material for the alloy steel to ensure that it is durable in the feeding process, the special jagged material can be tightly pressed to ensure that the material in the transport process can be uniform and continuous feeding, does not appear slip and so on.
Hydraulic control system; the hydraulic system by the gear pump, hydraulic cycloid motor, manual combination valve, solenoid valve and other components. The system is divided into manual control and automatic control.
Automatic control, according to the load of the diesel engine automatically control the start and stop. When the manual control room can control the entry, stop and exit of the material.
Performance characteristics
The system is not only a good protection of the power part, but also to the staff of the operation to bring great convenience.
The electronic control system adopts the advanced dynamic monitoring device, the rotor speed of the rotor to monitor the diesel engine load feedback to the hydraulic system, which automatically control the material into the speed.
Installation, commissioning: equipment installation to consider the process (feed, discharge, etc.), need to consider the distance from the wall in order to manually operate to determine the location of the installation. In order to ensure continuous production, the feed conveyor must be able to supply raw materials in a continuous and sufficient quantity.
Commissioning, commissioning; machine installation, the first test should be commissioned, the steps are as follows:
Check whether the fasteners are reliable, especially in the bearing compartment. Fill grease.
Diesel fuel tank filled with diesel; diesel engine filling lubricants; hydraulic tank filled with anti-wear hydraulic oil.
Hydraulic oil cleanliness of not less than NAS9 level. Oil temperature as far as possible not more than 65 degrees.
Check that the remaining auxiliary equipment is installed properly.