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Kneading machine

Product introduction

product description
Kneading machine series of products is the main purpose of corn stalks, bean sticks, cotton rods and other crops processed into a variety of non-uniform incision, no hard section, soft fingers, can improve the feed rate of livestock, And digestion rate. This type of straw kneading machine is mainly used for chopping processing of straw stalks, branches, bark, straw and other 2CM diameter and other plant straw, and can also be used for chopping and processing of various crop straw and pasture Finished products can be used for power generation, paper making, wood-based panels, refined ethanol and so on. Straw kneading machine is mainly used for cotton stalk, branches, corn stalks, straw and other biomass chopping processing.
Technical Parameters
Kneading machine technical parameters
Model Power(kw) Equipped with diesel engine (hp) Capacity(T/h) Finished material length (mm) Dimension (mm) Dimension (mm) Speed(r/min) Belt Number of blades Weight(kg)
use transport
9Z-9A 15 ≥28 8~10 12、18、25、35 2620×2140×3390 2620×1720×1850 500 B3000五根 3 1800
9Z-6A 7.5 ≥15 2~5 12、18、25、35 1968×2147×2756 1393×800×1585 650 B2150三根 3月4日 1100
working principle
The equipment can be equipped with motor, diesel engine or 30-56 horsepower tractor, the host by the feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, throwing institutions, transmission, travel agencies, protective equipment and racks and other components.
The machine adopts the principle of multi-blade cutting, according to the demand will be a variety of straw, fresh straw and bark powder into the ideal demand, processing speed of 2-10 tons per hour, supporting power 7.5-15KW, voltage 380V.
Performance characteristics
This type of kneading machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient movement, automatic feeding, safe and reliable, and can improve the feed rate, edible rate and digestibility of livestock.
Cotton stalk cutting machine to a large number of applications in the power generation industry, in the domestic biological power generation company is a straw power plant plays an important role, but also by paper, wood-based panels and other industries widely used.
Installation and commissioning
1, the machine should be placed smoothly, the grass should be consistent with the natural wind.
2, open the straw kneading machine shell, to confirm the machine and the feeding platform is no debris, before and power assembly.
3, the installation of the motor should ensure that the two pulley groove center line alignment, V-belt adjustable to the appropriate, spindle steering and the direction of the arrow shown in the same direction.
4, should be installed in the workplace near the knife, so that at any time connected or cut off the power.
5, the hammer is a wearing parts, serious wear and tear, the replacement of the original installation in groups, to prevent the rotor out of balance to produce vibration, damage to the machine.
6, with diesel engine power, should be based on the appropriate choice of diesel engine speed pulley, work reasonable control throttle, is strictly prohibited speed operation.
7, before starting to check the various parts of the screw are not allowed to loose, work and people are not close to the operation of the site.
1, to be processed materials shall not have iron, stone, sticks and other debris.
2, work, should be appropriate to adjust the amount of material feed, excessive volume can easily lead to overload stop, too little impact on production efficiency.
3, to stop working, should let the machine idle for two minutes, blowing the machine dust, grass, and then shut down.
Operation precautions
1, the operator to fully understand the performance of the machine, is strictly prohibited after drinking, sick or fatigue when the boot operation.
2, less than 16-year-old adolescents, 55 years old and not master the rules of the use of the local people are not allowed to operate alone.
3, the operator should wear tight sleeves, long hair should wear a helmet.
4, straw kneading machine workplace should be spacious, ventilated, and equipped with reliable fire protection equipment.
5, feeding should be standing on the side of the feed port, his hands shall not be inserted into the protective cover, and prohibited wood, metal, stones and other errors into the machine.
6, the rotor is not allowed to reverse, do not turn to improve the spindle speed.
7, dynamic, fixed blade fasteners for high-strength bolts, do need to be replaced, not with ordinary fasteners instead.
8, when working, such as abnormal sound should immediately stop inspection, maintenance must be cut off before the power. It is forbidden to troubleshoot the machine when it is running.
9, with the motor, electrical appliances should be grounding device.
10, the processing process, the feed port blockage, are not allowed to use hand or iron bar forcibly fed.