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Non-dust wood crusher

Product introduction

Introduction of product
Large-scale wood grinder Introduction:
Large-scale wood pulverizer is based on the improvement of the dual-motor wood pulverizer, the introduction of high-end technology at home and abroad to make up for the double motor wood shredder work in the dust of the big trouble, and to make the equipment more reasonable Practical.
From the appearance point of view, hammer wood shredders and scrap crushers, scraps are almost the same. I plant the production of waste shredders, scraps from the hammer-type wood mill from the evolution, but slightly changed the internal structure, the furniture factory for the waste, small wood, small wood, laminates, Plywood, small branches, scrap, edge leather and other wood smash once to saw-like, even more fine, the smallest can reach 60 head or so, get rid of the second crushing troubles.
Large-scale wood grinder Uses:
Large wood crusher is mainly used for processing pine, Zamu, Yang wood, fir, bamboo and other materials, more suitable for edible fungus in the wood processing machine. At the same time scraps can also be used for bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalk and other fiber stalk-like material chips. Can be a variety of branches branches, board slats, smaller diameter round wood, scraps, wood, bamboo, cotton, and other materials into a sawdust, wood filament products, with less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity , Good economic returns, easy maintenance and other advantages.
Technical parameters
Model Input size(cm) output(cm) Blade qty() Capacity(t/h) Final size(mm) Main motor power(kw) Power(kw) Feeding motor power(kw) Hydraulic motor power(kw) Dusting motor power(kw) Size(m) Weight(t)
PJ-1500 1500*450 273 66 5-8 3-30 55*2 4-5.5 4-4 4 2.2 3.15*3.25*3.35 5.5
Working principle
Large scale wood mill is mainly composed of chip cutting device, crushing device and fan. The size of the wood chips after the cutting of the wood cutting device is small, and the utility model can be sent to the crushing device to be further crushed without drying.
Compared with the hammer crusher, the structure of the large scale wood crusher is complicated, and the appearance structure is almost the same, which is composed of a shell, a base, a belt pulley, a draught fan, etc., but the internal crushing cavity is completely different;
Performance characteristics
The wood hammer hammer is a direct screen, why is this machine crushing waste, small pieces of wood is easy to damage the screen? This is the reason why; and waste crusher crushing cavity is divided into two parts. The first part is the inlet of hammer crushing, here is no wear plate close to the screen, and another part is inside the screen; the material into the crushing chamber of the initial crush will not damage the screen, only will be crushed into small material by fan suction to another part of the screen side, if there is no crushing aniseed is not suction to the other side, so as not to damage the screen, and once in place, no longer need two pieces.