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Small chaff cutter

Product introduction

product description
Small chaff cutter Uses: The minicomputer suitable for chopping all kinds of grass, hay, corn stalks, wheat straw, corn stalks, peanut seedlings, sweet potato seedlings and other feed or herbs. Is the vast number of rural farmers and small and medium-sized feed processing plant necessary machinery and equipment, but also for agriculture, pastures and paper mills, pharmaceutical factory use.
Technical Parameters
Technical parameters of small chaff cutter
Model(PJ) Power(KW) Chopped length (MM) Production efficiency (kg / h) Number of blades (pcs) Weight(kg)
PJ-1 1.5-2.2 5-80 800-1000 3 60
PJ-2 2.2-3 5-80 1200-1500- 3 80
PJ-3 3 5-80 1600-2000 3 120
PJ-5 5.5 5-80 4000-6000 3 300
PJ-8 11 5-80 7000-10000 3 660
PJ-10 15 5-80 12000-15000 3 980
working principle
The machine is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, chopping and dispensing mechanism, power transmission clutch mechanism and frame, walking and protective device.
Structural features
1, drum-type Zhacao, the feed mouth with two upper and lower rollers, all steel structure, all-cast iron sticks, all cast iron knife.
2, small size, light weight, installation, operation, easy maintenance, high production efficiency.
3, the main components from the body, rack, into the grass roller, knife, set blade, moving blade, protective device components.
4, easy to use, not only cattle and sheep farmers to reduce the waste of feed, but also improve the utilization of rough feed the basic method.
working principle
By the motor as a supporting power, the power transmission to the spindle, the straw straw in the straw under the direct role of straight into the grass knife rolling mechanism for shredding, the use of cutting roll in the rotation of the wind centrifugal force will be broken Grass out of the shell outside the 1-5 meters.
Performance characteristics
● steel frame, small size, light weight, easy to move.
● design of insurance devices, to prevent eating knife accident, machine safe and reliable.
● The use of advanced feeding mechanism, the unique feeding roller device, automatic feeding, conveyor chain is not wrapped around the grass, feeding grass smooth, high productivity. Grass roller drive shaft selection universal joint, compact structure, flexible operation, easy disassembly.
● supporting the power of diverse choice, motors, diesel engines, tractors can be matched, especially for the lack of electricity is more appropriate.
● blade selection of high-quality steel, refined by a special process, super wear-resistant; high-strength bolts, the use of safe and reliable.
● chassis selection thick steel plate continuous welding, the overall mold forming, nice, durable.
● Cost-effective, the same rate of the lowest rate of chaff cutter