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Template crusher

Product introduction

Product description
The new type of plate crusher has always been my company focused on research and development products, according to market demand for the construction template broken and developed a new generation of special template class broken, it is the main work platform, feed roller and conveyor and other major components.
The new template grinder for the bark broken processing plants, power plants, wood crushing and crushing processing base, plywood and other waste wood processing enterprises use, Machinable width of 1.5 meters, thickness of 1-30 cm of wood and other waste, the machine has a transport , Feed, pressure plate, broken one linkage control. In addition, according to customer requirements of various types of wood processing equipment.
Technical parameters
Model Feeding belt width Feeeding size (mm) Main machine motor(kw) Motor(kw) Feeding speed (m/s) Conveying rotary speed(r/min) Crusher rotary speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Weight(t)
PJ-500 500 500*100 22 4 0.45 650 680 1-3 3
PJ-800 800 800*120 37 4 0.65 650 680 3-8 6
PJ-1000 1000 1000*150 45 4 0.75 650 680 5-10 8
PJ-1300 1300 1200*200 75 5.5 0.8 650 680 7-15 12
PJ-1500 1500 1500*250 90-132 7.5*2 1.1 650 680 12-25 16
Structure and principle of new type template crusher
1, feed transport: placed to be broken board wood;
2, feed pressure roller: control the feed rate and keep the sheet does not slip and no feed situation;
3, spiral broken roller: the roller in the circumferential direction evenly welded welding knife to ensure that the crushing roller in the circumferential direction of the moment of force consistent;
4, the template is broken with the feed and broken sync, to achieve uniform fragmentation;
5, feed pressure roller with UCK series of bearings plus spring compression mechanism, can be adapted to the thickness of different plate crushing;
6, feed pressure roller and crushing roller with different power system, easy to control.
Because of the reasonable design, compact structure, safe, durable, high efficiency, the effect is good, the noise is small, the structure is simple, the layout is compact, the price is cheap, the work is stable, the energy consumption is low, the output is high, , Low processing costs.
Performance characteristics
Description: The new model grinder has always been my company focused on research and development products, but also the company according to market demand for the construction of the template and the development of a new generation of special plate crusher.
1, meshing blade, the material will be completely broken; 2, the choice of special blade, blade high hardness; 3, strong structure, dense ribbed plate to ensure the strong box;
4, automatic button control, safe, convenient; 5, safety signs and safety labels to ensure the use of safety; 6, can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding.
Template crusherTemplate crusher