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The integrated crusher

Product introduction

product description
The integrated crusher is a equipment that is upgraded on the basis of the module crusher itself. The equipment combines the advantages of the template crusher to discard the equipment that the template crusher can not break the shortcomings of large pieces of material.
The machine is suitable for materials such as waste crates, templates, plates, branches, crates, trays and other materials. Function more powerful, solid use, wide material applicability, outstanding function, easy operation and repair, green and low-carbon efficient equipment. Filled the gap in this area.
Technical parameters
Specifications/model Feeding size(mm) Motor power(kw) Feeding size (kw) Ouput size(kw) Rotary speed(r/min) Capacity(t/h) Overall dimenstion(mm)
PJ-1000 1000*400 110 5.5*2 1.5 510 15-20 6000*2150*1750
PJ-1200 1200*400 132 7.5*2 2.2 510 20-25 6000*2350*1750
PJ-1400 1400*400 160 11*2 3 365 25-35 6000*2950*1950
PJ-1600 1600*400 20 15*2 4 365 35-45 6000*2950*1950
Work principles
The integrated crusher is a machine in which a piece of wood is crushed to produce a block, and the integrated crusher is provided with a body of a traveling device, and a rotary crusher provided on one end side of the vehicle body for pulverizing the wood to form wood And a wing-type feeding device provided at an upper portion of the rotary-type crushing device is provided with a piece of wood that is broken by the rotary-type crushing device and extends from the lower portion of the rotary-type crushing device to the other end side of the vehicle body, And a driving device for driving the traveling device, the rotary type crushing device, the wing-type feeding device, and the driving source of the carrying-out device, which are arranged between the rotary crusher and the carrying-out device.
Performance characteristics
Integrated crusher is mainly by the impact of energy to complete the broken wood operations. Hammer integrated crusher work, the motor drive the rotor for high-speed rotation, the wood even into the integrated crusher cavity, high-speed rotary hammer impact, shear tear wood wood is broken, while the wood's own gravity From the high-speed rotation of the hammer to the frame body baffle, screen bar, in the lower part of the rotor, with sieve plate, crushed wood smaller than the size of the size of the sieve through the sieve plate, larger than the sieve size of the wood The board continues to be hammered and ground.