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Tire Crushing Machine

Product introduction

Product Description

Waste Tire Recycling Process:

Waste Tire → Tire Drawing Machine → Tire Shredder → Secondary Fragmentation → Three Shredding → Fiber Separator → Rubber Mill → Sorter → Finished Product → Silos → Finished Packer

Tire grinder is mainly used for grinding tires, tires, steel tires (radial tire) and a variety of scrap rubber products or scrap, making it powder, and to achieve the required fineness (mesh).

Application Areas:

1, sports venue laying: runway, school sports grounds, swimming pool and garden trails, bowling alleys, sidewalks, kindergarten sports venues and casinos, tennis and basketball courts.

2, the automobile industry: the floor, the floor pad of the train, the brake disc ribbon, the floor of the car and the truck, the brake bushings, the seal, the buffer, the shock absorber, the car body bottom seal and the stainless steel material, , Daily shipping raw materials, tires and tire tires.

3, Buildings / Equipment: Adhesives / Sealants, Hospitals, Companies, Bathroom Floors, Insulating Colloids, Carpet Cushions, Livestock Straw Mat, Extruded Products, Waste Brake Surfaces, Mold Products, Coatings, Dams, Warehouses, Ponds, Waste treatment station, brick roof pad and cover, with raised pattern flooring, house signs, flakes, waterproof material, shock, washers, roof and wall waterproof material.

4, geotechnical / asphalt applications: drains, rubber treated asphalt for road and lane laying, filters, soil regulation / pavement cover, perforated flush pipes, horse racing track, rail crossing, traffic / sidewalk obstruction, Railway Fracture Sealing Agent Road Construction and Maintenance

5, the production of renewable rubber: for the production of various rubber products.

Fineness Application:

8 ~ 20 mesh: mainly used in the runway, road cushion, pad, lawn, pavement elastic layer, sports pavement;

30 ~ 40 mesh: mainly used in the production of recycled rubber, modified powder, paving, production, such as plastic sheet;

40 ~ 60 mesh: known as fine powder, used in rubber filling, plastic modification;

60 ~ 80 mesh: known as fine powder, mainly used in automobile tires, rubber products, building materials;

working principle

Structure principle:

A set of tire grinder production line at room temperature to deal with waste tires and waste plastic, the equipment is equipped with Feng Shui cooling system, micro-dust removal device, atomization spray system, etc. In addition, according to the user special raw materials plus independent dust removal in addition to fiber equipment

Performance characteristics

Safety rules:

1, after the start, until the machine reaches normal operation, it is allowed to evenly and continuously feeding the crop.

2, the operation should pay attention to the motor speed, sound and bearing temperature.

3, feeding the operator should stand on the side of the feeding side, clothes sleeves should be tightened, wear masks and work caps.

4, when feeding, pay attention to whether there are stones inside the input, sickles, tools such as screws and other hard objects, so as not to damage the machine and cause personal accident.

5, the machine is not allowed to hang when the belt, oiling, cleaning and troubleshooting.

6, found the following problems should be shut down the engine, shutdown processing, ① motor smoke, ② blockage, ③ crushing quality is not good, ④ bearing overheating, more than 60 degrees.


1, It is strictly prohibited in the operation from the upper part of the crushing chamber toward the machine peep.

2, The electrical equipment should be grounded, the wire should be insulated and installed in the steel pipe laying.

3, It is strictly prohibited in the operation of the hand directly in the mouth after the infusion of the transfer of materials removed.

4, The crusher in the course of operation is prohibited for any adjustment, cleaning or maintenance work.