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Wood crusher

Product introduction

Wood crusher product description
Wood crushers, also known as wood crushers, wood chips, wood shredders, wood shredders, is designed for the branches, wood, bark, roots of high content of biomass fiber plants and professional design of a high efficiency pulverizer The The output of the pulverization is twice as much as that of the conventional model, and is especially suitable for the automatic feeding of the conveyor, without the need for artificial feeding and pressing.
Wood crusher working principle
Wood crusher with blade cutting and high-speed air impact impact double crushing function in one, and can simultaneously complete the micro-material sorting process. In the blade cutting crushing process, the rotor produces high-speed air, with the blade cutting direction of rotation, the material in the air flow to accelerate, and repeated impact of the material at the same time by double crushing, speed up the material crushing rate.
Wood crusher performance characteristics
1. Wood pulverizer design is reasonable, the body made of high quality steel welding.
2. Fastening with high strength screws, solid structure, durable.
3. The host design is compact, the broken material adopts the separation design, causes the production to be higher.
4. Processing broken pieces of uniform material, loss of small.
5. At the same time with different materials of the tool, so for different materials, the tool can be retractable adjustment, with a blunt after grinding, multiple use, long life. Into the hopper, crushing tools, screens can be easily removed, easy to clean.
6. The machine has the advantages of advanced structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, stable operation, investment and high efficiency.
7. Equipped with a large number of pulleys to increase the inertia of the pulverizer, energy saving and powerful crushing.
Wood crusher technical parameters
Model BX400 B×600 B×800 B×1000
Cutter diameter (mm) 400 600 800 1000
Number of blades 4 4 4 4
Blade length (mm) 150 200 250 340
Feed diameter (mm) 150X150 180×160 200×220 300×350
Speed (r/min) 2200 2200 1500 1500
Power (kw) 11.5 15-18.5 22-30 37
Capacity (kg/h) 800-900 1000-1500 2000-2500 3000-3500
Weight ( kg) 550 1120 1630 2200