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Corncob Dryer

Product introduction

product description
Corncob Dryer (Corncob Dryer) for corncob drying, compound fertilizer drying, baking powder drying, beer distillation, liquor distillation, distillation of alcohol, dried bean curd, Dry, starch residue drying, dregs drying, antibiotic slag drying, corncob drying, feather powder drying, bone meal and other high-viscosity viscous material drying.
Corn cob is broken with corn stalks and then through a rigorous screening made, with a uniform organization, hardness suitable, good toughness, strong water absorption, wear resistance and other advantages, In the use of the process is not easy to break.
Technical Parameters
Specifications (diameter * length) Capacity
 (ton / day)
Dry system
power (KW)
Cooling system power (kw) Area (㎡)
Φ1.4х9m 30 11 9 100
Φ1.4х12m 40 15 12.5 100
Φ1.4х15m 50 18.5 12.5 125
Φ1.6х15m 60 22 20 150
Φ2.2х10.5m 120 30 23.5 140
Equipment list: ① feeding machine ② feeding machine ③ drying drum ④ discharge machine ⑤ distribution cabinet ⑥ unloader ⑦ fan ⑧ installation commissioning fee
working principle
Corn cob dryer mainly by the heat source, feeder, rotary drum, the feeder, induced draft fan, unloader and distribution cabinet; wet corn cob into the dryer, the drum in the uniform copy of the copy Plate under the flip, evenly dispersed in the dryer and hot air full contact to speed up the drying heat transfer, mass transfer.
In the drying process, the corncob with the tilt of the copy board and the role of heat medium, to the dryer another star discharge valve discharge drying products. The technical parameters of the production line and the technical parameters and structure of the equipment are selected and designed after careful analysis of the material and verified by the actual corncob drying test. In the design of the program, taking full account of the characteristics of corn cob water, and to take a series of unique unique technology and technology to be addressed to ensure a good drying effect.
Performance characteristics
Corncob Dryer (Corncob Dryer) Main features:
1. Drying mechanization of a high degree of production capacity, can be continuous operation.
2. Excellent structure, simple, material through the cylinder resistance to run smoothly, easy to operate.
3. Less failure, low maintenance costs, low power consumption.
4. Product drying uniformity is good.
5. Corncob drying production line with a special break up device to ensure that the dryer drying effect.
6. Corncob drying system uses a new and unique sealing device, and with a good effect of the insulation system, effectively reducing the drying system of coal consumption
7. The overall system sealing performance is good, and with a complete dust removal device, no dust spill, the operating environment is good.
8. The whole corn cob drying system uses electrical centralized control, hot air temperature automatic adjustment, high degree of automation, easy to operate
9. After the drying section can be equipped with crushing, mixing, granulation, packaging and other follow-up section to produce corncobs finished.