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Pasture drying machine

Product introduction

product description
Pasture drying machine is mainly applied to large grain, large proportion of raw materials such as ore, cement, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, phosphate fertilizer, special requirements for large quantities of raw materials such as forage, livestock and poultry manure, lees residue, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy and other industries Powder, granular materials such as activated clay, magnetic powder and so on.
Forage drying machine production line using the latest international high-temperature fast drying technology, is the pasture in the dryer to quickly complete the heat transfer mass transfer process, better to maintain the nutritional content of fresh forage, dry grass after the smell of aromatic, dark green color , Suitable for storage and transportation.
1, The media as energy, low production costs
2, Drying process parameters online display, at any time to adjust the drying process to ensure that the drying process is stable, consistent quality.
Pasture chopping, conveying feeding, rapid drying, separation of dust, crushing and other continuous production, reduce labor costs, reduce the cost of talent.
3, The use of settling separation of materials, cyclone dust, effectively reduce the amount of dust after drying, to obtain cleaner products. Technology is mature, advanced technology, equipment, reliable operation, easy operation and maintenance, high thermal efficiency, long service life.
Technical Parameters
model PJ300 PJ500 PJ1000 PJ2000
capacity (kg / h) 300 500 1000 2000
Fresh pasture water content 60%-70%
Dry pasture water
Applicable forage
power supply
Coal consumption 200-300Kg standard coal / ton product
Power consumption (degrees / hour) 60 70 110 190
Area 20m×15m 25m×15m 30m×20m 35m×20m
working principle
Forage drying machine composition: hot air stove, dryer, conveyor, chaff cutter, separator, baler, fan, speed motor, operating cabinet, the unit can water content of 60% -75% fresh (Granulation, milling), and to maintain the fresh grass color, flavor and nutrients. Supporting equipment: hot stove, dryer, conveyor, Zhicao grass Machine, separator, baler, fan, speed motor, operating cabinet.
Performance characteristics
1, A good degree of automation, high thermal efficiency, easy to operate.
2, The use of drum dryer as the host of the drying system, simple structure, less trouble, low maintenance costs, large production capacity, continuous operation
3, The overall system sealing performance is good, and with a complete dust removal device, no dust spill.
4, The whole forage drying equipment system using electrical centralized control, high degree of automation, easy to operate.
5, Can be connected with crushing, mixing, granulation, packing, briquetting and other follow-up section, improve the deep processing of pasture level.