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Color steel tile shredder

Product introduction

Color steel tile shredder Introduction:

Color steel tile shredders commonly used structures are single-axis, double-axis, four-axis three. Color steel tile shredder is a machine used for fine crushing, generally used to deal with unprocessed raw materials or scrap, to make it smaller size. A representative example is the color steel tile, plastic or rubber scrap after crushing use as raw material recycling and so on. Color steel tile shredder used in color steel tile recycling industry, commonly used in waste large diameter PE plastic pipe, bundled plastic film packaging, large stack of plastic sheet and the head material broken.

Color steel tile shredding machine works:

The material through the feeding system into the shredded box inside, the box carrying a shredded blade, pushing the material box pushed to the vicinity of the material, the material through the tearing blade tear, squeeze, cut and other comprehensive role, Small pieces of material, discharged from the screen hole.

Color steel tile shredder features:

High-quality cutter with a special wear-resistant, impact-resistant material forging, after several precision machining and heat treatment, removable, grinding, can be changed. High torque, low speed, the use of hydraulic motor control and general motor start, the configuration can be based on the size of the user investment and automation level selection. There is a nesting device, encountered non-broken hardware object cutter will automatically flip and then re-run. Machine blade quality used at least 3 years.