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Large energy-saving shredder

Product introduction

PJ Energy-saving shredder, have got the CE certification and adopt Siemens motor! Pioneer energy-saving shredder all adopt the microcomputer automatic control system (PCS), set to start, stop, reverse and overload automatic inversion of control function, has the characteristics such as low speed, high torque and low noise.Bearing adopts the split type, disassembling tool change easy and convenient for extra large, thick and hard to broken material.
1, all kinds of hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic barrels, drums, crates, packaging barrels
2, waste appliances: TV, washing machine, refrigerator shell
3, pipe: large pipe, pipe fittings, PE pipe
4, the old template: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift pallets
5, waste tires: tires tires, truck tires
6, scrap metal: car shell, aluminum, scrap aluminum, engine shell, lead and thickness of 5mm below the plate
7, food waste, garbage, animal carcass, RDF derivatives, medical waste, biological orange, garden garbage
8, plastic head material, paper rope
Important Mark:
1, shredder blade thickness is divided into 15mm, 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm, according to the size of the materail after crushing to choose the blade.
2, shredder blade is single claw blade body, if need double or more claw blade body, please contact the business department.
Description: In recent years, with the plastic bags, snakeskin bags, tons of bags, fishing nets, tires, plastic film products widely used, how to effectively recover the use of waste has become a lot of production to solve the problem, And some manufacturers rely on the purchase of expensive or high-power inefficient equipment to recover, the investment cost is too high, and some plastic products directly burned, damage the environment, is not conducive to economic sustainable development. How to economically and effectively recycling waste has become a focus of the manufacturer's research topics. The emergence of double-shaft shredder to effectively alleviate this problem.
Model Main Shaft Power
Rotor Speed
Coneyor Power(kw) Number of blade(Piece) Diameter of blade(mm) Final Size(cm) Hopper Size(m) Dimension(m) Weight
PJ-2600 4-160*2 16-18 25-60 4-3kw 40 Φ720 3-10 2.5*1.4 8.2*4*4.3 36
PJ-1900 4-90*2 14-16 10-25 4-3kw 40 Φ560 3-10 2.3*2 8*2.5*2.4 15
PJ-1500 4-45*2 14-16 8-18 4-3kw 30 Φ530 3-10 2*2 4*1.7*2.4 12
PJ-1200 4-37*2 18-20 6-15 NO 28 Φ372 3-10 1.4*1 3.2*2*1.9 6
PJ-1000 4-30*2 18-20 5-10 NO 30 Φ360 3-10 1.2*1 3*2*1.9 5
PJ-600 4-15*2 18-20 2-5 NO 26 Φ260 3-10 0.82*0.9 2.6*2*1.9 2.5
Working principle:
The thickness of the blade and the number of knives can be replaced according to different materials. Crushing hollow material can be equipped with a binder device to increase production.
Structural features:
1. Crusher body
The main body of the equipment is made of high quality steel plate welding to eliminate the stress treatment and the whole machining to ensure the stability of the equipment in the heavy load.
2. Moving blade / Fixed blade
The moving blade is made of special special alloy tool steel forging blank, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature refrigeration heat treatment technology, the overall toughness of the same hardness can be used repeatedly to ensure that the cutting performance and service life. Fixed blade with a patented hook-type installation, optimize the tool replacement function, so that tool maintenance replacement more efficient.
3. Bearing / seal
It is easy to maintain and replace the tool. The unique sealing structure effectively blocks the contact between the broken material and the grease, and the liquid material can also protect the bearing. The bearing can be used to protect the bearing. And gears.
4. blade axis
The use of high-strength heavy-duty special steel processing and refining, more reasonable with the tool for the cutting to provide a strong power.
Performance characteristics
1, The high enengry shredder can crush the material that one shaft shredder can not crushing, such as large block material, basket material, pipe, sheet, wood, tires, scrap metal barrels, large rolls of film;
2, special thick plate precision machining combination frame, large angle hexagonal column of the strong rotation axis, large diameter solid into the hopper, so you can safely put into large raw materials;
3, in the thickness, shape, arrangement and other aspects of the design and processing of a unique rotary knife, strong shear, sharp blade, can be highly efficient broken;
4, low-speed operation, low noise, less dust;
5, the tool made of special alloy steel, durable.