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Mobile shredder

Product introduction

Mobile shredder, have got the CE certification and adopt Siemens motor! Pioneer mobile shredding machine all adopt the microcomputer automatic control system (PCS), set to start, stop, reverse and overload automatic inversion of control function, has the characteristics such as low speed, high torque and low noise.Bearing adopts the split type, disassembling tool change easy and convenient for extra large, thick and hard to broken material.
This equipment is mainly composed of feed hopper, crush double roller, electric control system, discharge conveyor and power drive and other major components;
Feeding Hopper: feeding the wood waiting to crush. When crushing, prevent the wood splashed out and cause an accident;
Double crush roller: double roller have a wear-resistant knife. After all the cutter assembly, it become one type of screw knife, after rotation to ensure that each cutter have same force. Double roller through the snap to ensure that no big gap between the two-blade cutter. Through the knives of the knife and the squeeze between the sticks to achieve the shredd the wood;
Power system: feed with reducer drive;
Discharge conveyor: independent power system, the overall bolts fixed in the crusher, you can take out the whole, maintenance and replacement part of the flexible and convenient;
The type of equipment can be directly shred the material which feeding into the hopper to small piece through the broken double roller fixed, hook scratch, squeeze.
Model Main Shaft Power
Rotor Speed
Coneyor Power(kw) Number of blade(Piece) Diameter of blade(mm) Final Size(cm) Hopper Size(m) Dimension(m) Weight
PJ-2600 4-160*2 16-18 25-60 4-3kw 40 Φ720 3-10 2.5*1.4 8.2*4*4.3 36
PJ-1900 4-90*2 14-16 10-25 4-3kw 40 Φ560 3-10 2.3*2 8*2.5*2.4 15
PJ-1500 4-45*2 14-16 8-18 4-3kw 30 Φ530 3-10 2*2 4*1.7*2.4 12
PJ-1200 4-37*2 18-20 6-15 NO 28 Φ372 3-10 1.4*1 3.2*2*1.9 6
PJ-1000 4-30*2 18-20 5-10 NO 30 Φ360 3-10 1.2*1 3*2*1.9 5
PJ-600 4-15*2 18-20 2-5 NO 26 Φ260 3-10 0.82*0.9 2.6*2*1.9 2.5