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Waste tire shredder

Product introduction

Product description
Tire Shredder Products description:
Tire shredders have various types, each manufacturer's exterior design has its own characteristics, but according to the actual production needs and the specific requirements of shred, tire shredder internal knife roller is basically divided into four kinds. They Are: single-axis knife roller, double-axis knife roll, four-axis knife roll, coarse crushing knife roll. Thus we can divide the tire shredder into four categories: uniaxial tire shredder, biaxial tire shredder, four-axis tire shredder, and coarse tire shredder.
Model Main Shaft Poer
  Rotor Speed
Conveyor Power(kw) Blade Qty(Piece) Blade diameter
Final Size
Hopper Size(m) Size(m) Weight(t)
PJ-2600 4-160*2   16-18 25-60 4-3kw 40 Φ720 3-10 2.5*1.4 8.2*4*4.3 36
PJ-1900 4-90*2   14-16 10-25 4-3kw 40 Φ560 3-10 2.3*2 8*2.5*2.4 15
PJ-1500 4-45*2   14-16 8-18 4-3kw 30 Φ530 3-10 2*2 4*1.7*2.4 12
PJ-1200 4-37*2   18-20 6-15 none 28 Φ372 3-10 1.4*1 3.2*2*1.9 6
PJ-1000 4-30*2   18-20 5-10 none 30 Φ360 3-10 1.2*1 3*2*1.9 5
PJ-600 4-15*2   18-20 2-5 none 26 Φ260 3-10 0.82*0.9 2.6*2*1.9 2.5
Working principle
1. According to the actual needs of customers to configure the corresponding model of the machine.
2. Customize the product according to the customer's specific needs.
3. The company can send engineering and technical personnel to the user site, design the best process and program.
1. Free training of technical staff for customers.
2. According to the purchase contract, our company can send engineering and technical personnel free of charge to guide the installation and commissioning.
3. The company supplies machine wear parts for many years.
4. Collect customer feedback, timely implementation of the implementation plan to solve customer practical problems.
5. Our company produces three packs of machines according to national standards.
Performance characteristics
1. Saving transportation costs, landfill costs. Some of the garbage in life is very large, for example: furniture garbage, wood waste ... if we pull it directly into the landfill, you can imagine that the transportation costs are very expensive. Many people think that China is now the landfill is not charged, in fact, is misunderstood, we usually pay the garbage charges which have been included in the cost of landfill, and in the United States, garbage to landfill landfill is rubbish Of the volume of the fee, in other words, the greater the volume of your garbage, the more you pay the more, because the United States will be the first garbage to break the garbage to achieve the purpose of saving costs.
2. Recycling of rubber waste. In fact, many of our life rubber products can be recycled for recycling. As long as we tear it into small enough particles we can put it into the extruder to melt and then use. But the key point is: feeding the use of rubber waste particles must be small enough, because the extrusion process before the general process to tire and other rubber products first broken. People now life has been inseparable from the car, and therefore produce a lot of tire rubber waste, the tire recycling is a big market. The tire shredder is a highly effective and efficient recovery of rubber products.